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Supreme Court reopens with usual pomp and pageantry |11 January 2024

Nation 11 Jan 2024
The parade after the religious service which featured the Brass Band and members of the Seychelles Police, was led by Chief Justice RonyGovinden and included all judges, lawyers, and court officials.

ISS celebrates International Men's Day with special events |20 November 2023

Nation 20 Nov 2023
Country Procurement Director for the Hilton Seychelles Cluster of hotels ... Yohan Liyanage, a seasoned Lawyer and Director of the Seychelles Law Commission, boasts a diverse professional background with significant roles in various legal jurisdictions.

UniSey and Sals students learn more about two committees of the National Assembly |25 September 2023

Nation 25 Sep 2023
He kicked off his presentation by stating that the existence of a National Assembly has been stipulated in the Constitution of Seychelles in article 77 and article 85 ... My aim is to become a lawyer but not a politician.

‘Think like a lawyer’ |07 June 2023

Nation 07 Jun 2023
... in Seychelles to get a better understanding of the ‘separation of powers’ ... My aim is to become a lawyer and I have already started reading law books and I’ve even read the Constitution of Seychelles.”.

Handover of TRNUC’s final report to President Ramkalawan |03 April 2023

Nation 03 Apr 2023
... headed by the highly respected international lawyer, Gabriel McIntyre, has handed over its final report and its recommendations to the President of the Republic of Seychelles, Wavel Ramkalawan.

Chief Justice Govinden cleans our constitutional judicature |13 February 2023

Nation 13 Feb 2023
The first issue is how do we improve the behaviour of some of our lawyers and legal ... Furthermore, the Bar Association of Seychelles is a lawyers’ club and has some 40 active attorneys as members.

Ceremonious event officially reopens the Supreme Court |11 January 2023

Nation 11 Jan 2023
Other than justices of the Seychelles’ judiciary system led by Chief Justice Rony Govinden, lawyers and staff of the judiciary, the one-hour ceremony was also attended by the head of state, President ...

Year 2022 news highlights |30 December 2022

Nation 30 Dec 2022
As we come to the end of 2021, Seychelles NATION presents its readers with a month-by-month summary of some of the local news that have marked this eventful year ... The accused is being represented by lawyers Basil Hoareau and Ms Afif.

SMC stance on the interaction between the executive and the SBC |27 December 2022

Nation 27 Dec 2022
However, the manner in which the interaction between the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) and the executive was done, could have been construed as interference ... Press release from the Seychelles Media Commission.

Disgraced solicitor who was president of Rotary Club of London is yet to pay back ...

The Daily Mail 02 Nov 2022
Baroness Jacqueline Van Zuylen, who has been called 'financially unsophisticated', has also claimed the corrupt lawyer tricked her out of her £2million life savings in a trust in the Seychelles.

Second Constitution Day Round Table |20 June 2022

Nation 20 Jun 2022
The event was the opportunity to question the selected panel of judges – made up of Chief Justice Rony Govinden, president of the Bar Association of Seychelles Divino Sabino, private lawyers Nisha ...

In the National Assembly: Members vote to give more powers to ACCS |19 May 2022

Nation 19 May 2022
... the ACCS to succeed in its mandate, members of the minority United Seychelles party deplore the fact that it was the judiciary and the ACCS lawyer who announced that the law was going to be amended.

How debt cancellation could help poor countries prepare for climate change

Grist 13 May 2022
A similar but larger effort was negotiated in 2016 for the Seychelles. Lee Buchheit, a lawyer who has represented several countries in sovereign debt restructurings, including Belize, said this model ...

Missing US $50 million corruption – Firearms, ammunition and terrorism cases |07 May 2022

Nation 07 May 2022
... Seychelles by Chief Justice Rony Govinden on April 29 ... An argument backed by lawyer France Bonté who is representing Mukesh Valabhji, also asking that all charges should be dropped against his client.

Interview with Dr Satish Boolell |25 April 2022

Nation 25 Apr 2022
Dr Boolell.Despite being from a different political obedience than mine, the Mauritian Attorney General asked me if I were agreeable to talk to a Seychelles criminal lawyer who needed a forensic expert in the region.